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Catch More Fish: 10 Essential Lures Every Angler Should Own

by Damien Hooper 11 Oct 2023 0 Comments

Fishing is a timeless pursuit, uniting us with nature and rewarding us with the thrill of the catch. For the angler, the quest to catch more fish is an ongoing adventure. The right lures in your tackle can make all the difference.
Lures are your go-to tools for enticing fish. Yet the variety available can be overwhelming. At Reel N Deal Tackle we are only too happy to help you get the low down on ideas to ignite your next fishing adventure.

So let’s explore the top 10 essential lures that every angler, from novice to pro, should have in their arsenal. Versatile lures that have proven their worth in waters all around the world.


  1. Spinnerbaits – Versatile and Effective

Spinnerbaits are an angler’s best friend when it comes to attacking predatory fish. Designed with a metal blade that spins as it moves through the water. This creates vibrations and flashes that mimic the movements of prey fish.

They are perfect for targeting a wide range of species, including Bass, Murray Cod and Perch.

Spinnerbaits come in various sizes and colors. This makes them adaptable to different water conditions and fish preferences.

Pro Tip – Experiment with spinnerbait sizes and blade styles. This will help you find the combination that works best in your local waters.


  1. Crank Baits – Diving into Success

Crank Baits are a must-have lure for every angler and imitate injured baitfish. This can make them irresistible to predatory fish like Murray Cod, Perch, Bream and Flathead.

Crank Baits come in various varieties such as shallow, medium and deep-diving. This allows you to target fish at various depths.

Varying your retrieval speed and depth is the key to success with crankbaits. Once again experiment until you find the fish’s preferred action.

Pro Tip – Pay attention to the colour and depth range printed on the lure’s packaging. Be sure you match them with the conditions you’re fishing in.


  1. Soft Plastic Worms – Lifelike and Irresistible

Soft plastic worms are the go-to choice for finesse fishing. They come in a range of lengths and colours, with realistic textures that mimic real prey.

These lures are very effective for Bream, Flathead, Jewfish and Perch.

Rig them with various hooks and weights to adapt to different fishing techniques. These can include Drop Shot Rigs, Texas Rigs, Carolina Rigs or even Wacky Rigs.

Pro Tip – Use scents or attractants on your soft plastic worms. This will enhance their appeal and trigger more strikes.


  1. Jigs – Versatile and Year-Round Winners

Jigs are versatile lures that every angler should have in their tackle box. They consist of a weighted head and a hook, often dressed with a soft plastic or feather skirt.

Jigs excel in both freshwater and saltwater environments. This makes them suitable for a wide range of fish species.

These include Flathead, Snapper, King George Whiting, Yellow Tail Kingfish, Tuna and even Squid.

They are effective year-round, whether you’re fishing in cold water or the heat of summer.

Pro Tip – Adjust the weight of your jig based on the depth and current of the water you’re fishing in.


  1. Top Water Lures – Thrilling Surface Action

There is nothing quite like the excitement of seeing a fish explode on a top water lure. They simulate prey floating on the water’s surface. This creates a commotion that attracts fish from below.

Species to target includes Bream, Whiting, Mulloway (Jewfish), Flathead, Salmon and Tuna.

Pro Tip – Experiment with different top water lure styles. These could include Poppers, Skirts, Hard Bodies, and Prop Baits to see which one entices the most strikes.


  1. Spoons – Flashy and Effective

Spoons are timeless classics that have been catching fish for generations. Their curved shape and reflective surface imitate wounded fish or baitfish.
They are great for locating fish in large bodies of water due to their ability to cover a log of water quickly.

They are effective for a wide range of species including Murray Cod, Perch, Bass, Salmon Trout and Whiting.

Pro Tip – Adjust the retrieval speed to vary the depth and action of the spoon. This is the best approach to trigger strikes from curious fish.


  1. Swim Baits – Realistic Imitations

Swim Baits are realistic soft plastic lures mimicking a variety of fish species.

Coming in various sizes, they can be rigged with single or multiple hooks. It is important to match the size of the prey fish in your area.

They are excellent for targeting larger predatory fish. These can include Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Australian Bass, Bream and Flathead.

Pro Tip – Retrieve swim baits slowly and steadily. You want to mimic the natural swimming motion of baitfish.


  1. Buzz Baits – Surface Buzz and Commotion

Buzz Baits feature a spinning blade which creates a buzzing sound and surface disturbance.

The noise and commotion attracts many fish varieties such as Murray Cod, Golden Perch and Bass. Great for low light conditions or when fish are hunting near the surface.

Buzz Baits are fantastic for heart-pounding strikes and memorable fishing moments.

Pro Tip – Use Buzz Bits in early morning or late evening for best results.


  1. Spoon Plugs (Hard Body Diving Lures) – Versatile Deep Diving

Spoon Plugs combine the action of spoons with the diving ability of crankbaits. Versatile lures, they can be trolled at various depths. This makes them effective for targeting a wide variety of species. They are effective in both freshwater and saltwater environments.

Spoon Plugs often have a wobbling action that drives fish wild. These can include Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Bream and Australian Salmon.

Pro Tip – Experiment with different diving depths and trolling speeds. Attempt to find the sweet spot for the day’s conditions.


  1. Surface Frogs – Exhilarating Top Water Action

Surface frogs are ideal for anglers who love the thrill of explosive surface strikes. They imitate frogs or other terrestrial creatures, making them great for Bass or Pike.

Used to fish a surface from lily pads, reeds or over submerged vegetation. This often produces some of the most exciting fishing experiences.

Pro Tip – Use a braided line and a stout rod when fishing with surface frogs to ensure a solid hook set.

Wrap Up
These 10 essential lures in your tackle box will keep you well-equipped. They will help you catch more fish and create unforgettable angling memories.

The best fishing experience often requires experimentation and adaptation. And don't forget to pay attention to the conditions around you.
Be patient, keep learning, and enjoy the journey as you explore the diverse world of angling with these versatile lures by your side.

Be sure to come in and have a chat with the Team at Reel N Deal Tackle to help fine tune your lure selection and we wish you Happy Fishing!

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