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Top 5 Must-Have Fishing Accessories for a Successful Day on the Water

by Damien Hooper 13 Oct 2023 0 Comments

Top 5 Must-Have Fishing Accessories for a Successful Day on the Water

It doesn't matter if you are young, old, new, or experienced. Having the right fishing accessories can make or break your day on the water.

Reel N Deal Tackle are here for you. We can help you with all the information, equipment, and accessories you need. Giving you the best chance of a success and an enjoyable day on the water.

  1. Quality Fishing Rod and Reel

Any successful fishing trip starts with a high-quality fishing rod and reel combo. Investing in a reliable rod and reel can make a big difference to your fishing experience.

Learn about the various types of rods and reels available. Then match them to the techniques and conditions required on your fishing trip.

For beginners, a versatile spinning rod and reel combo is an excellent choice. Spinning gear is easy to use and can handle a wide range of fishing situations, making it ideal for novices. More experienced anglers may prefer bait-casting or fly fishing setups.

Consider the target fish, the conditions, and your preferences when making a choice.

It’s also crucial to match the rod’s power and action to the type of lures or bait you plan to use.

  1. Tackle Box with Assorted Lures and Baits

A well-organised tackle box is essential for any angler. As your fishing arsenal, it needs to hold an assortment of lures, baits, hooks and terminal tackle.

The right bait at the right time is often the difference between an average day and an awesome one.

You should customise your tackle box to suit your needs. For freshwater fishing, we recommend stocking a variety of soft plastic lures, crankbaits, spinners and jigs. For saltwater fishing, consider including saltwater-specific soft plastics, fresh bait, trolling lures, squid jigs and metal jigs.

It’s crucial to keep your tackle box organised and well-maintained. Regularly check for rusted hooks, damaged lures, and worn-out line. Replace any worn or damaged items to ensure you’re always ready for action when you hit the water.

  1. Polarised Sunglasses

They may not seem like an obvious fishing accessory. But they are a game-changer when it comes to spotting fish and protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. Polarised sunglasses reduce glare, letting you see below the surface with greater clarity.

They will make spotting fish, underwater structure and underwater obstacles much easier. Polarised sunglasses will cut through the surface reflections, revealing the hidden world beneath.

Invest in a good pair and you’ll wonder how you ever fished without them. A good pair will also be more comfortable over a long day fishing, especially in windy weather.

  1. Fishing Line and Leader Material

Your fishing line is the direct connection between you and the fish. This makes it a critical component of your setup.

The type and strength of your fishing line should be carefully chosen. Ensure to base them on your target species and fishing technique.

Monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided lines are the most common choices for anglers.

Monofilament lines have stretch and versatility, making them a good option for beginners.

Fluorocarbon lines are almost invisible underwater. This can give you an advantage when fish are finicky.

Braided lines offer excellent strength and sensitivity. This makes them suitable for heavy cover situations.

Having a selection of leader materials as well as your main fishing line is essential. Often made of fluorocarbon or monofilament, they attach to the end of your mainline.

Leaders can add abrasion resistance and be used to tie on hooks, swivels or other terminal tackle.

Match the length and strength of your leader to your target species and the conditions on the water.

  1. Fishing Accessories for Comfort and Safety

Fishing isn’t just about catching fish, it’s also about enjoying the outdoors and staying safe. Consider the following to enhance your comfort and safety while fishing.

  1. Fishing Apparel – Invest in fishing-specific clothing. This could include moisture-wicking shirts, quick-drying pants, and a wide-brimmed hat. These will keep you comfortable in various weather conditions.
  2. Sunscreen and Bug Repellent – Protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Apply sunscreen regularly, and consider packing bug repellent in case it's needed.
  3. Fishing Pliers and Tools – A good pair of fishing pliers is essential. You'll need these to removing hooks, cut lines, and handle fish safely. Also, a multi-tool or knife can come in really handy.
  4. First Aid Kit – Accidents can happen, so you need a basic first aid kit at least. It's only a matter of time before you have a minor cut, a scrape, or a hook accident.
  5. Flotation Device – If you’re fishing from a boat or kayak, always wear a personal flotation device (PFD). Safety should be a top priority when on the water.


We are avid fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts at Reel N Deal Tackle. And we've learnt the importance of packing the right fishing accessories.

Your success and enjoyment on the water depends on it.

Remember that the key to a memorable fishing trip isn’t just about the number of fish you catch. It’s about the experiences and memories you create.

So pack your gear and head to your favorite fishing spot. And make the most of your time on the water with these essential accessories and Reel N Deal Tackle by your side.

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