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Major Raffle

by Troy Chomenko 27 May 2024 0 Comments

Major Raffle Tickets - Penn International 30VISX / $250 Voucher / Trolling Lure Pack / T-shsirt & Tank Pack

1st Prize - PENN INTERNATIONAL 30 VISX Trolling Reel valued $1000.00

2nd Prize - $250 RNDT Voucher

3rd Prize - TSH / Pakula Lure Pack value $210

4th Prize - F*ck The Taxman Tshirt & Tank Pack value $90

Be in it to win it, prizes valued at $1550. 4 in 75 chances of winning a prize, a total of 75 tickets available. Drawn once sold out. 

By making a purchase on this sale enters you in to the drawn to win, the above mentioned prizes.

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