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Port MacDonnell Tuna Season

by Troy Chomenko 06 Jun 2024 0 Comments

It's great to hear about the successful tuna season in Port MacDonnell! It sounds like anglers are having a fantastic time reeling in those large tuna fish.

Alex Ipsen and his crew have headed down from Adelaide a few times this season for a whopping 9 tuna fish this season. Many anglers are making the trek from Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney all getting among South Australia's Tuna season.

It's good to know that lures from TSH Lures, Pakula Lures, and Meridian Lures are proving to be effective choices for many anglers. Having the right gear can definitely make a difference in your fishing success.

If you or anyone else needs any tips or advice on fishing techniques, gear recommendations, or anything else related to the tuna season or fishing in general, feel free to ask. Enjoy the rest of the season and may you all have many more successful catches!

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