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Your Guide to Catching Australian Salmon

by Troy Chomenko 18 Jun 2024 0 Comments

Catching Australian Salmon can be an exciting and rewarding experience for recreational anglers. Here is a guide to help you increase your chances of success:

1. Season and Location
Australian Salmon can be found along the southern coast of Australia, from Western Australia to New South Wales. They are commonly caught in inshore waters, such as beaches, surf zones, and rocky headlands. The best time to target them is usually during their migration periods in autumn and winter.

2. Tackle and Gear
- Rod: A medium to heavy spinning rod around 7-10 feet long is ideal for casting from the shore.
- Reel: A quality reel with a smooth drag system that can handle strong runs.
- Line: Use a braided line with a breaking strain of at least 15-30 pounds to handle the powerful runs of Australian Salmon.
- Lures and Bait: Metal slugs, soft plastic lures, and pilchards are popular choices for targeting Australian Salmon. They are known for their aggressive feeding behavior, so lures that mimic baitfish work well.

3. Techniques
- Casting and Retrieving: Cast your lure out into the surf or along the coastline and retrieve it at a moderate speed to attract salmon.
- Flash and Movement: Australian Salmon are attracted to shiny and fast-moving lures, so incorporate erratic movements and flashes to trigger strikes.
- Surf Fishing: When fishing from the beach, look for gutters, sandbars, and rip currents where salmon tend to feed.

4. Handling and Release
- Handle Australian Salmon with care to ensure their survival upon release. Use wet hands to handle them and avoid damaging their scales and fins.
- If you plan to keep some salmon for eating, bleed them immediately after catching by cutting the gills and place them on ice to maintain freshness.

5. Regulations
- Always check the local fishing regulations and size limits for Australian Salmon in the area where you are fishing. It is important to adhere to catch limits and conservation measures to protect the fishery for future generations.

Remember, patience and persistence are key when targeting Australian Salmon. Enjoy the journey and the thrill of hooking into these fast and powerful fish!

If you have any specific questions or need more tips, feel free to pop into Reel N Deal Tackle at Glenelg East South Australia.

Happy fishing!

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